Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Or is it 14...?

I was tagged by Davis, so that makes me "it". This means that I am going to share six little known facts about myself. So here they are:

1- Tell me about the rabbits, George. Ever since I was a child, I have never been able to remember what 8 + 6 equals. (is it 15?)
2- Cleanup on isle "As Is". Though I'm a very hygienic person, once every blue moon I won't have time to shower and without fail, sometime during that day I will make an unplanned stop at Deseret Industries. (If you see me there, I'll blame it on the old couches)
3- So many colors and shapes! Unless I force myself to read, I only look at books for the illustrations; I can't help it.
4- Show me that wince again. I used to have weak ankles. So badly in fact, that I used to have to crawl around my house in complete agony. (I think it was growing pains, although there was no Mike Seaver around to offer comfort)
5- Beatles songs make me sob.
6- Off the record. The night started with my "friends" and me breaking into an elementary school in the middle of the night to play Basketball, and ended with a rug-burned face and the knee of a dog-wielding cop planted firmly in my back.

I now tag Jeff B, KC B, Brett M, Ben Q, Hailey S, Steve Z

Henceforth, ye six shall blog six things about thyselves which is generally heretofore unknown.

1 comment:

Hailey said...

Matt, for you, anything. Even if I had to come up with 7 unknown facts a few months ago!

BTW, Ben and his brothers refer to that "crotch tightening" sensation you described in your dam video as "pee shivers." And your brother was funny in that.