Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Robot Art

I made this to submit to an online Photoshop contest. The rules were that I had to incoporate the cloud picture that I put in the background.

Here it is:
It wasn't my intention, but it made me think of a great film - The Iron Giant.
The robot I used was a big sculpture. I found all the pictures on the net. I took me 2 hours.

Oh, and I always love feedback.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Revenge is Unsweet

In order to aid my songwriting processes, I went to the nearby supercenter to purchase a digital recorder. After picking the one that could record 150 hours of audio, I made my way through the hormonioius doldrums of hilarious* college-age flirters on a late night Wal-Mart run. As I neared the checkout, I passed a miny scuffle. This little 2 and a half foot tall boy hit his 3 foot sister. The blonde girl with welling eyes said "Dad, Cody hit me!" With little hesitation the man said "Well hit him back!" The girl paused for a moment as if to ask "really?" Daddy repeated his order. The boy quickly tried to flee the area, but as he attempted to scurry behind his dad's legs, daddy's huge man hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. and slowly pushed him to the ground. This made time for the little girl approach him, lift her hand high in the air, and force it down on her younger brother's back. SLAP! The sound was louder than I anticipated. I could not beleive what I had just seen. This guy just helped his daughter "get even". The boy sobbed on the floor.

Suddenly I lost the desire to buy my item. I put it down and wandered towards the exit. I drove my scooter home.

I hope those kids don't realize later in their lives what a negative thing their daddy had taught them and "get even" with him.

*Not hilarious