Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snow Place Like Home


Lay your peepers on this.

(Warning: If your peepers gets frozen to it pour warm water over them and tug gently)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Say You?

A little background:
I used to wear gas permeable contacts. ( Though I've now joined the 21st Century and have soft contacts) These hard contacts were not disposable. I took great care of them most of the time. To give you an idea of how important they were to me- I had each pair for an average of 5+ years. To lose one would be just short of a tragedy. There were a few times when I did lose a contact for good. Though, more often than not, when I did lose one, I would find it. The process was always the same:
  1. Lose the contact
  2. Frantically search for the contact
  3. Search more for the contact in places where it couldn't possibly have gone
  4. Humble myself
  5. Offer a sincerely humble prayer
  6. Find the contact (Within two minutes of saying the prayer)
  7. Offer an intense prayer of thanks
One of these times I found the contact almost down the sink. It was halfway through the slit in the plastic drain piece (Though the slit in the drain piece had enough space to allow at least 3 contacts simultaneously)

These instances led me to believe that God had indeed intervened in my life. He inspired me where to look.

This was such a blessing for me. He blessed me. Yet, I thought, there are so many instances where God chooses not to intervene. What is the difference between me and those people who don't experience divine intervention? Why me? Initially, it was fairly simple for me to dismiss. After all, I have never been to a third world country and seen how wretched the actual suffering is. Nor can I imagine the full scope of suffering. I could easily justify an answer while sitting in a comfortable home with food available.

I had heard people ask: Why does God allow suffering? I usually gave answers that had no real logic or reason, but I would glaze over it and change the subject.

As I started to think about divine intervention, It made this question a bit more personal. I will pose the same question which troubled me:

Why would God intervene in the case of finding my contacts but does not intervene in the case of, for example, a child who dies of starvation?

I look forward to hearing what you think on this question.