Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Convergent Boundry

As of late, i've felt an increasing restlesness. The desire to do something significant is pressing me futher towards a place i've never been.
I just took a basic geology class at UVSC and it has completely changed my point of view about the seeming insignificance of mankind. We (man) are just a speck on the massive continuum that is the age of Earth. I don't intend to sound falsely philisophical, but the truth is that with the short amount of time that we as individuals have on this complex rock there is no reason not to attempt to make an impression.
What type of impression is the greatest to make? What is true greatness? Is it the great thinkers who have contributed to society and to the progression of mankind? Is it the rearing of a family? Is it a combination of both?
This has been on my mind. How will I make a meaningful contribution to history? My thoughts on this question almost always land on making people happy. This is my favorite thing to do - to see the faces of people who enjoy what i'm giving them.

Well, great - now i'm tired.

I have to go to sleep, but this isn't over yet. I will dredge up the contents of my psyche and spill them all over this blog; so help me.

Friday, April 13, 2007