Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have a band called SweetHaven and we haven't played for years. But, just recently Gentry Lee (Lead guitar) and I have talked about recording a new album in January of next year. We're so pumped about it! It will be all the songs we used to play, but never recorded (along with a couple new ones).

Also, over the years I've had many requests for the lyrics and chords for a song we had on The R.M. soundtrack. So here they are:

Go Back
(M. Mattson)

Why don't you go back?
I know you wouldn't hurt any more than when you left
Then you would not have to be alone anymore

You only for you, You say you're happy whoop-a-dee-doo
You know that's not true
You're playing the fool

Go back go
So you say it's whack so

Sleep- You get next to none
You're having a meltdown and jumping the gun.
You've heard of suggestions that hit like a ton?
Well I'll give you one:

Go back go
So you say it's whack so

If you don't go the end will be sad
If you won't then you'll lose all you
You've been running hard
You can't find your place
And the memories won't erase.

Ready, set...

Go back go
So you say it's whack so
Go back go
What threw you off track?


michelle said...

WHAT?! I'm thrilled. I really would be pleased as punch if I had one of your albums. Sheryl and I even drove around for hours to different stores trying to find some of your music on night- we never found it. However I did end up with an "EverCLEAN" cd that night (thanks to your suggestion) and I'm not sorry about that.

Let me know when I can buy it!

Daniel Guzman said...

hey buddys someone where i can find more songs like those i love this song its vey beutiful im from mexico

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Hey is there anyway that i can get the tabs for that song! I would love to learn, its one of my favorites!!

bongster said...

Hey I need a tab for "go back". I really love this song.

theJorgies said...

ha ha ... all this time and I had the lyrics wrong "You only fool you, you say you're happy ...."

remember " the Mem'ries Wont-E Race" ? of course, you said it


I would LOVE to know if you sell the SHEET MUSIC for this song? If not, would you consider giving me permission to write it myself or get a friend to write it? Our family LOVES this song!!! It is AWESOME!