Friday, November 30, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Or is it 14...?

I was tagged by Davis, so that makes me "it". This means that I am going to share six little known facts about myself. So here they are:

1- Tell me about the rabbits, George. Ever since I was a child, I have never been able to remember what 8 + 6 equals. (is it 15?)
2- Cleanup on isle "As Is". Though I'm a very hygienic person, once every blue moon I won't have time to shower and without fail, sometime during that day I will make an unplanned stop at Deseret Industries. (If you see me there, I'll blame it on the old couches)
3- So many colors and shapes! Unless I force myself to read, I only look at books for the illustrations; I can't help it.
4- Show me that wince again. I used to have weak ankles. So badly in fact, that I used to have to crawl around my house in complete agony. (I think it was growing pains, although there was no Mike Seaver around to offer comfort)
5- Beatles songs make me sob.
6- Off the record. The night started with my "friends" and me breaking into an elementary school in the middle of the night to play Basketball, and ended with a rug-burned face and the knee of a dog-wielding cop planted firmly in my back.

I now tag Jeff B, KC B, Brett M, Ben Q, Hailey S, Steve Z

Henceforth, ye six shall blog six things about thyselves which is generally heretofore unknown.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For This I am Thankful...

Though it's a smidgen late, I'm going to blog about the people and things for which I am grateful. So, here I go:

Meghan- For her infinite patience and understanding of who I am and who I can become.
Mama- For her sweet sentiment and nurture. Also, I love when she gets all goofy.
Daddio- For his sense of humor and his example of progression.
Jared- For his quiet example and comforting nostalgia. Also, his family is a perfect example of what a family should be.
Dustin- For his charity and example of work ethic.
Lehi- For his sharp intelligence and confidence.
Erik- For being a tried & true friend, in every sense of the word.
My friends- For not getting offended that I didn't put their actual name on this list.
My education- I may only be getting my Associates this year, but It feels like a doctorate:)
My iMac- It's an amazing tool that helps me organize and create.
My body- So, I haven't kept it prime, but it gets me around.
My car- Since I got it, I've felt a little more legit.


The Creator
- I'm thankful for this whole thing called life- for it's complexity and simple beauty. Also, that, because of the grand scheme of things, a crumby guy like me can have all the hope in the world.

I know this was a bit sentimental, but I wanted to say it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Return to Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas. I was there with my Dad, Mom and my brother Dustin.

This is my beautiful mother.

When I was a kid, my family and I attended the dedication of the Las Vegas Temple. It was fun seeing it again.

(I set the camera on a random car)

This is the house I lived in from the ages 7-10. I remember how my brother Dustin and I once decided to run away, so we took a loaf of bread and climbed out the window. We made it as far as... the corner of the yard.

We also went to Hoover Dam:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tact Schmact

Tact is overrated. That is why I'm resolving to put such a silly thing behind me. I've realized that since I really do care about the friends and family members in my life, I have license to ask anything I want about their personal situation. Even better- not only will I ask them, but I'll ask their significant others probing inquiries. When I do, however, question their significant others, I won't waste time getting to know what they do, or things they like, of where they're from. All those pesky details are secondary for my need to know.

I'll only ask them about things that are expected in our society like "Why aren't you guys married yet?" or, "Are you ever going to have kids?", or one that will really help them like "Why didn't you serve a mission?" And of course, "Why didn't you get married in the temple?" I'll make sure to do it without regard to their privacy (Even if it is a touchy subject, because I won't be considerate enough to take that into account).

In doing so with everyone I know, I hope to hear juicy tidbits like "We're not able to have children, or "I have severe depression." Maybe a "We engaged in premarital sex." Because even though it's a sore subject for them, that's ok. It's not sore for me:) It won't waste time asking my friends how they're doing, or if they're happy, or what their dreams are. I want to dig in and satiate my need to know. It's no longer just between them and their Maker.

The best part of this whole plan is that I won't even know I'm being ignorant! Isn't that great? I'll continue to live my life in my oblivious little world- What a beautiful oblivion it will be.

After all, ignorance is bliss:)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Something Different

A late night with Erik. It's like gibberish- It's better if you don't try to understand it. Turn up the volume as well.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have a band called SweetHaven and we haven't played for years. But, just recently Gentry Lee (Lead guitar) and I have talked about recording a new album in January of next year. We're so pumped about it! It will be all the songs we used to play, but never recorded (along with a couple new ones).

Also, over the years I've had many requests for the lyrics and chords for a song we had on The R.M. soundtrack. So here they are:

Go Back
(M. Mattson)

Why don't you go back?
I know you wouldn't hurt any more than when you left
Then you would not have to be alone anymore

You only for you, You say you're happy whoop-a-dee-doo
You know that's not true
You're playing the fool

Go back go
So you say it's whack so

Sleep- You get next to none
You're having a meltdown and jumping the gun.
You've heard of suggestions that hit like a ton?
Well I'll give you one:

Go back go
So you say it's whack so

If you don't go the end will be sad
If you won't then you'll lose all you
You've been running hard
You can't find your place
And the memories won't erase.

Ready, set...

Go back go
So you say it's whack so
Go back go
What threw you off track?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gym Rats


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We just recently shot this up in Layton. The idea comes from the mind of Eric Nelson, the man behind Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. It was a blast to shoot. By the way, there is some bad words, so watch with caution.

Let me know what you think.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Cruel Life of a Ghetto-Bot

So, for Halloween I was a ghetto robot, more commonly know as robotius ghettosium, or Ghetto-Bot:
"How greatly awesome!", you might say. Or, "Matt, you must have caused a real 'to do' with your costume." While those comments are mostly true, here's the cruel reality:
"But Matt" you interject, "Surely being a Ghetto-Bot would only bring about adoration and power, so what part of that reality could possibly be cruel?"

I'll tell you - Those cursed ski boots.

As we all know, ski boots are an integral, nay, an absolutely necessary ingredient to becoming a GB, right?. But it's a double-edged sword that comes with a hefty price. Yes, wearing ski boots will make you walk like a robot. But read that last sentence again. I wrote the word "make" in italics to give it emphasis. Why? Because wearing ski boots will cause your walt to be robotic by squeezing all of the good feelings out of your feet, leaving only pain, robot pain.

Take a look at the picture again. What do you notice? I sure look at ease, don't I? Like there's not a care in the world? Call me the king of deception because I have deceived you. I was not at ease, I was in agony. The best way to describe it was it was as if my feet where being killed by metal boa-constrictors. It felt like I woke up and said, I need new shoes, but instead of going to a shoe store I went and got fitted for a tight pair of beartraps.

It's funny though, the relief I felt when I got home and released my feet from their bindings made It all worth it.