Thursday, December 20, 2007

What, me political?

I've never really found myself interested in politics before. In the past, my point of view has always been that all politicians were just sneaky and self-serving, with an amiable facade.
Yet, in the past few months as I've "made my way" around the blogoshpere, YouTube and just about everywhere else, I've noticed a fervent support for this geriatric looking man named Ron Paul.

So, for the first time in my life, I looked into something political for myself.

Since I was initially weary about "going all out" and dedicating a large chunk of my time to this curiosity, I dipped my toe in that lazy man's paradise, YouTube. As I watched videos for and against Ron Paul, I found that this man speaks with such clear reasoning and honesty that it bore investigation. The more I've searched and learned about him and his vision, the more I've noticed that he has a genuine wisdom to the way he discusses pertinent issues. Ron Paul seems to make the concept of partisanism irrelevant.
This is not to prematurely say that I am "throwing my hat into Ron Paul's ring", but that our great country is in need of strong, moral leadership, and I intend to find the best candidate to fill that role. Ron Paul, for now, is my #1 candidate simply because he is the only candidate whom I've studied. That is also to say that by no means am I discounting Ron Paul.
Because of this clip, which you're about to see and others like it, that I am going to involve myself in the study of all of the 2008 Presidential candidates.

If you would watch the following video with a preconceived notions, don't bother, for it will be a waste of your time. Otherwise, enjoy this 7 minute 45 second clip.


Meg said...

"Meet the Press" is doing a special, interviewing each of the candidates (Ron Paul is this Sunday). You can watch all the past ones on It's interesting because it's over 45 minutes of just them and Tim Russert.

Adam Borg said...

very interesting matt, it has peaked my interest I think I will look more into this guy

Shawn said...

Hey Matt...what up?

You were going to read my blog and/or send me an e-mail or something, remember? :)

Personally, I don't know how to vote ----again----for me, its always the best of the worst, if you get my drift.


bunga said...

He was on Leno... he beat Gooliani in Iowa and finished with 8 percent in NH. RP needs all our support... I have been following him for the past 2 months. Ron Paul for America, Ron Paul for the next revolution... Ron Paul 2008 spread the word...