Wednesday, April 02, 2008

5 Things That Make Eveything Okay

1. Deep breaths
2. Rainy days
3. A good cry
4. Meghan
5. Beatles' songs

What are some of the things make your life great?


Meghan said...

1. You
2. A good night's sleep
3. Laughing hard
4. A long run
5. A massage

Davis and Quinton said...

1. A Great Song
2. I agree with Meg, a long run, especially in April in Florida.
3. A new Outfit.
4. The Sun.
5. A Bath.

and Im pretty sure I could keep going... great post, way to make a girl think of the good stuff!

BrettM said...

A nice meal.
Good friends who listen.
The Lord.

Tom Quinn. said...

1. Super Powers
2. Penicillin
3. Band aids
4. Repentance
5. Toilet repairmen
6. Justification
7. Self Delusion
8. Bobby McFerran
9. Bob Marley
10. A baker that specializes in
"Everything Okay" cookies
11. A flux capacitor
12. A fifth beer
13. A mediocre carpenter
14. Morphine
15. Surviving a plane crash

Thanks for your blog. It really helped me put things in perspective.

Clint & Karen said...

1. my kids
2. Clint (my hubby)
3. a hike in the mountains
4. the Lord
5. Thunderstorms

Bailey said...

1. My Daughter
2. My Husband
3. A Cupcake
4. I'm with Meghan on the Massage
5. And I'm with you on a Beatles's Song.

The Bakers said...

1. This blog
2. My Husband's Scruff
3. Kiddy leg hugs
4. Baby laughs
5. Warm Spring Rain
6. The Perfect Song

Three Coin Productions said...

1. A receptive audience
2. A finished project
3. Traveling
4. Fireplaces
5. "Cinderella Man"

Hailey said...

Friends who "get" it
Cheap thrills
A cozy bed
Good TV

Now I know why Tom is so dang funny--it's that 5th beer--thanks, Tom, for putting things into perspective for me...

--V-- said...

1. Regina Spektor
2. Sleep/Naps
3. Friends
4. Alcohol
5. Friends to drink alcohol with to avoid feeling like an alcoholic.

skcoe said...

Laughing at sarcasm
My husband
My husband's razor wit and sarcasm
My best friend
ALL my friend's antics and sarcasm
Really rich chocolatey things
New shoes

smalltoes said...

My family
A nice long bike ride
A good cry
Being with friends

Shawn said...

My amazing kids.
My amazing hubby, Bret.
My Heavenly Father.
Humor and Laughter.
Wonderfully strong hugs.
Quiet nature.
Noisy cities.
Bright colors.
Great movies.
My homemade hot chocolate.
Performing on stage.
Walking in the woods with my two puppies----priceless.

Shawn said...

oops, sorry that I wrote more than five things----I just always go over board with everything, or maybe my brain doesn't know how to count anymore...tee, hee.

The UnMighty said...

1. Freedom!
2. Liberty!
3. Agency!
4. Self-Determination!
5. Exclamation Points!

Hailey said...

What makes me happy? Dancing while lying on the ground...

Go to Jenny's blog (link from mine) and watch the Adele video she has-people are doing just that! Yay!

Babe in Boysland said...

1-Matt forgiving me for saying I want to sell him.

2- Matt forgiving me for saying he's weird.

3- The Office.

4- Dates with my hubby.

5- Cafe Rio Chicken Salad with black beans, no chips, and a twist of lime. Mmmmmmm.

6- Comments on my blog.

7- My baby kissing my face with his sobbery mouth.

8- A chick flick with my Best Friend.

7- Up and Away & the Unmighty

Manda Lauck said...

1. My husband Levi
2. Laughing
3. Sunny days
4. Music(I'd have to agree on the Beatles being the best!)
5. Seeing kids being kids