Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Robot Art

I made this to submit to an online Photoshop contest. The rules were that I had to incoporate the cloud picture that I put in the background.

Here it is:
It wasn't my intention, but it made me think of a great film - The Iron Giant.
The robot I used was a big sculpture. I found all the pictures on the net. I took me 2 hours.

Oh, and I always love feedback.


Myles said...

I love "Iron Giant"! Your illustration is like a dream of that movie. Brad Bird is a genius; have you seen "Ratatouille" yet?

This is just me saying hello and that I'm glad you told me about your blog! You can visit mine at -Myles Nye

Cameron and Ronni Blair said...

So what about the art contest...did ya win...or at least place?

M. Paul Bailey said...

I like the picture, but I think there's one change that would have been better. The dude might be better standing on the shoulder. With him on the head, it looks like two separate pictures combined together, whereas maybe on the shoulder might look like they are connected.

That said, I really liked it. I love the use of light. It gives the whole image a great feel.